Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snapdraft Trip Report

Now that the All-Star break is over, I decided to take a serious stab at the hockey contests on Snapdraft.

First off, Snapdraft offers a 10% bonus on deposits of $100. This certainly helps offset the steeper rake they charge.

The deposit went through, no problem. I didn't get my bonus right away - but I filled out the "contact us" form, and it was added to my account within an hour.

Snapdraft has higher rake than FSL, but they also have higher traffic. This means I can play many more contests in a given night.

I have to admit I'm starting on the $1 contests over there just to get my feet wet. They offer heads-up, 3-4-5 player, 10 player and 25 player. All of the contests are winner-take-all.

My initial reaction is that the 3, 4 and 5 player offer the best value. One way to look at it - The 3 player is no different than a 9 player poker SNG: The top 33% get paid and make a decent profit.

On Tuesday I signed up for 16 contests. I accidentally signed up for a $5 contest. D'oh. The lobby does not navigate as smoothly as I would like.

One feature I did like was being able to fill out one roster and apply it to several contests. Of course, the downside of this is having to make roster changes. You still have to change each roster individually.

I fared decently in my first try, winning 4 contests. I lost several contests by one point. Dan Boyle didn't play, which was costly for me.

The next day the contest winnings were paid into my account around 5pm. Although there were 4 games on the NHL schedule Wednesday night, Snapdraft didn't offer any hockey contests. So it was FSL exclusively that night.

All in all, I played a lot of contests and encountered a lot of bad opponents. I also encountered some good ones too. But spreading out my action definitely helps the cause.

I think there is profit to be made there.

One more thing - If you plan on cashing out (like I do) you'll have to provide Snapdraft with your SSN and fill out a W-9. They issue checks every Friday, but it doesn't appear that there are any fees associated with cash outs.

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etoppsfan said...

Although Fantasy Sports Live is where I prefer to play I do play at snapdraft a couple times per week. I am still playing off that original $5 I got for signing up. My account is currently around $63. Although I do find the rake to be terrible it is much easier to win there. I guess that is because in many of the hockey games at FSL I am matched up against you and you beat much more than not. I am sure if I get matched up against you at snapdraft my balance will disappear. Good luck to you over there and keep us posted on how you do in the long run.