Sunday, February 01, 2009

How's My Sunday? Super, Thanks For Asking!

Another lazy Sunday in the Buffalo cave. I have to admit, I'm not that into the Superbowl this year. I'll just cook up some mad crazy delicious pizza and see how long I last through the game.

I had a great night Saturday with the fantasy hockey, going 14 for 14 on FSL with an ROI of +103.86%. It was a nice way to finish the month. I had a 7 day losing streak earlier, but I was a winner 9 of the last 10 nights, finishing 134 for 243 (55.14%) with an ROI of +11.86%. Even though I've done better, I would be pleased with those results every month.

I also had my first winning night on Snapdraft after three tries. I won 5 of 12 contests to finish up a few bucks. I used the same roster in every contest, finishing first in some and last in some. (Game selection & risk aversion for the mother humpin' win, yo.)

One interesting thing about Snapdraft: You cannot see your opponents until the contests start. While this might suck for users trying to cherry pick the weaker foe, it is a brilliant move by Snapdraft. There is no "contest hog" issue to worry about.

I also noticed Patrick K. (Kaiseroll13) fell off the Snapdraft leader board. Maybe he doesn't see as much value in those games.

I still think there is money to be made there. I'm sticking to my $1 game experiment for now, but I'm hoping to ramp it up by baseball season.

BTW, NASCAR starts in a week!

Enjoy the game.

ETA: Almost forgot! Superbowl pick: Cardinals (+6.5) vs. Steelers. I think this is more of a cover play. I expect Pittsburgh to win, but not by double digits. [2009 YTD 3-2.]

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