Monday, February 16, 2009


Crash. I fell asleep this afternoon after running some errands. It was welcome, as I have not been sleeping well this year.

However, I slept past 7pm and I forgot to fill out my late hockey contests on FSL:

Oops. It was only a $5.50 and a $1, but a donation nonetheless. Which brings me to.....

Crash. I played a lot of NASCAR contests on FSL. My results can be summed up in one moment:

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s "unintentional" contact with Brian Vickers wiped out several drivers - including at least three on most of my fantasy rosters.

I cashed in only 2 of 29 Daytona contests. That's what I get for playing restrictor plate bingo. Next week will be back to (somewhat) normal, with the good drivers using their extra horsepower to speed away from potential trouble.

Congrats to all the donkeys that picked the Petty Racing entries. Those cars were not very competitive, just extremely lucky.

I need to perform better going forward. Which brings me to.....

Crash. As it stands today, I'm having the worst month on FSL in my personal history. I've only won 35% of my contests this month, and I've averaged 55% over the last two calender years.

I started the month playing a little higher than usual and the results were bad. I've only won one contest all month at $33 and up. Now I'm pretty much stuck playing $11 and under unless I want to infuse my bankroll with the money I've withdrawn over the last few months.

I'm a big believer in "booking wins" - pocketing profits earned for personal use. I think enjoying the fruits of your labor is important to keeping focus and desire going strong.

Over on snapdraft I had a horrible weekend, going 2 for 76 (after a 31 for 32 Friday). I knew going in it would be a mile-high variance proposition, and it has gone as expected. Even with the cold streak I maintained a lifetime ROI over +29%.

I've estimated given my playing strategy that I need a win rate above 3 for 8 (37.5%) to turn a profit on snapdraft. Going into tomorrow, I've maintained a win rate above 47%. So far so good.

My losing skids always seem to come in waves, I've had a losing month every 3rd month since April 2008 (I did not play in May 2008). Let's hope the pattern continues, meaning I'll have two consecutive winners in March and April 2009.

Although I'm not overly discouraged by my losing streak, I'm somewhat despondent. Which brings me to.....

Crash. This plane crash in Clarence Center has me thinking about a lot of heavy stuff lately.

I've thought about death pretty much every day in 2009. I'm dealing with family and personal issues, and I often wonder how much time I have left to do the things I feel I NEED to do in order to label my life complete.

These poor crash victims had that opportunity tragically taken from them.

The things I need to do for me have taken a back seat to the things I need to do for others. While that has a reward too, it makes me wonder if I have the proper me/them balance in my life.

I hope all of you can do your thing before you experience your own "crash".

(LOL, deep thoughts from a fantasy sports junkie. Take that with a grain of salt.)

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