Wednesday, February 04, 2009

An Interesting Night Of Mostly Fail, Some Success

Tuesday was the first big schedule night of hockey in February. I played heavy on FSL, with several contests over $22. I lost all of them save one, and most of the losses were by less than 10 fantasy points.

My choice of Ryan Whitney was my undoing. While he has been a solid performer, he was an unhealthy -4 last night, earning -18 fantasy points. If he had not been on the ice for just one of Montreal's goals, I would not have had a losing night.

It was my biggest loser ($$$ wise) of 2009 and perhaps of the hockey season. I am a few days behind in crunching my numbers.

Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug.


On Snapdraft I was an undisputed fantasy stud, winning 18 of 22 multis I entered. While I didn't win back as much as I lost on FSL, I had a huge return of over +150% ROI.

I used the same roster for all 22 contests. All of my players performed well except Sidney Crosby and Shea Weber.

My 18 wins should put me on the leader board, which they apparently reset every month. They don't offer hockey every night, so it will be tough to maintain leader board status.

I am presently a lifetime winner on Snapdraft, with an ROI of +10.87% even though I have won only 38.5% of my contests. Those results do not include any bonuses or rewards.

I have a deeper conviction that Snapdraft can be beaten long term even with the steeper rake. (I now understand how poker pros feel about the dead money at the WSOP.)

Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug.

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