Friday, March 06, 2009

Not A Whole Lot Going On

Not very much to report this week.

I had my worst month ever on Fantasy Sport Live. According to recent trends, the last 13 months went like this: LWWLWWLWWLWWL. So I'm hoping WW is in my future for the next couple of months.

I had a very good month on Snapdraft. I look forward to baseball launching, which will give me more contests in my rotation.

There are some new fantasy sites launching, which is only good for the consumer. More on those later.

Pokerstars announced changes to their VIP program, reducing Silver, Gold and Platinum requirements by 20-25%. This has me seriously considering grinding LO8 again. It all depends on how much I want to be tied to my PC (and how bad I need the monies).

Some family is coming into town this weekend, so I might take Saturday off from the fantasy contests, we shall see.

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