Friday, February 27, 2009

Trying To Figure Out How To Get There From Here

(Which adequately sums up my entire adult life. Alas, another story for another time.)

It's been a rather quiet week on the fantasy front. I'm pretty much treading water, which means my FSL totals for February will be my worst on record.

I have been sticking to the multis as promised. I'm hoping another winning week at NASCAR will continue to regenerate my bankroll.

Snapdraft has actually been very good this month, although I have seemed to plateau lately. Last night was a very good score that was beaten by a few points in almost every contest. 3 for 38, with a bunch of 2nd place (1st loser) finishes.

What's important to glean from that is this: Multis have high variance and 3 for 38 is a very likely result. I (or you if you play too) have to get over the swings like they are a roller coaster with ups and downs.

I don't get too excited if I go 25 for 28. I'm pleased, of course, but I know that for every day like that, there is a 3 for 28 day to balance it out.

I'll admit it is hard sometimes to fight the tilt, especially if you have 7-8 losing nights in a row. The best way to get over it is to reminisce about a winning streak of equal proportions. Or review your withdrawal history from your favorite site.

I think daily fantasy sports is a great LEGAL way to make extra money and I would love for it to grow big enough that it could pay all the bills.

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