Friday, April 10, 2009

I Wish I Could Quit You

Well, that was the shortest hiatus in the history of this blog.

Despite ALL of my missteps, I managed a winning day yesterday. 9 for 14 with an ROI above +90%.

Yes, I was surprised too. I did not sweat any of the games once I learned ANA/OAK was canceled.

I'm still a little frustrated. Even with my preparation, a convergence of events and information happened while I was offline. Combine that with the funky 12:30 start time and the results were rosters with plenty 'o holes.

I'd like to feel all of those things were within my control. Hopefully they will be from now on.

Back to our regularly scheduled blogging.


lemoyneken said...

I'm getting increasingly frustrated with draftbug. I am constantly getting pages not completely opening in the contests I sign for, and cannot complete teams or view results. This occurs on more than just one computer, so I am beginning to believe it's the site and not me. Are you having similar issues or not?

Buffalo66 said...

I haven't had much trouble w/ Draftbug - except for their 200 player freeroll. Viewing that takes a long time, if at all.

I use Opera/Firefox browser, maybe there is an issue with IE. Just a guess.

I've been playing mostly on FSL, they have the most multis right now. Still play the freeroll on Draftbug.