Monday, September 14, 2009

Football Feelings

The first week of NFL reminded me of what was so GREAT about playing fantasy last year.

I had a strong first effort, cashing 18 of 29 contests for an ROI of +176.95%. I actually played a classic hedge, rotating four different rosters (since all of the contests were multis).

If I had just stuck with my best guess and played that one roster, I would have done much better. Hedging - or playing it safe - is profitable, but boring.

In the Sundays w/ Dr. Pauly contest - where you only get one entry - I won my flight and was only .8 points behind the overall top score with a 173.7.

Only 4 scores beat Pauly, who threw up a monster 168.3 total. Hmmm, maybe that fella over at knows a few things about this fantasy sports stuff.

I was also one point away from sweeping my football picks, but the CFL continues to mock me.

I have decided to suspend poker activities for the football season, unless another decent bonus comes along. I just don't have the time right now. FWIW, I finished my recent poker endeavor a winner, about $52 to the good.

It's just easier to make more doing other things. However, this last effort did make me want to play some live poker, perhaps some stud at the Turning Stone.

All in due time.

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