Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fantasy Trash Talking? (Plus Picks)

When it comes to trash talking, I leave it to the egomaniacs. I'm not very good at it.

In fact, I just don't understand why people trash talk in daily fantasy games. Once your rosters are locked in, you have zero control over the outcome. Either your players perform, or they don't. Sometimes they suck.

My point is that there is no real tilt factor involved. If you trash talk to try and tilt a player, he will likely not want to play again, or probably play you better than before (by taking more time to study his/her picks).

Anyone who knows even a LITTLE about fantasy gaming knows there will be nights when you're just clobbered. There are winning streaks and losing streaks, just like poker.

If you play 2000 contests in a year and win 53% of the time, you will lose 940 times. Just sayin'.

So talking smack by beating me (or anyone) on a given night in one contest is vexing and apparently self-indulgent. Like I said before, ego maniacal.

Here's a tease: I have been preparing a challenge for those who think my fantasy prognostications are nothing but hooey. More to come in the next few months.

Football Picks: CFL, Edmonton @ Saskatchewan (-3.5). Another nail biter expected, take the 'Riders at home. NCAA, Cincinnati (-1) @ Oregon St. There are way too many offensive weapons to keep the Beavers close. NFL, Seahawks (+1) @ 49ers. San Fran is improved, but Seattle is better. [2009 YTD 6-6.]

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