Monday, September 21, 2009

Is Last Week Over Yet?

It wasn't my worst week by a long shot, but it wasn't a church picnic.

I was nicked and cut all week in fantasy baseball losing just a little bit each day. I managed to put together 5 losers in a row.

On Sunday I was doomed with Tom Brady on 65% of my rosters and Randy Moss on almost all of my rosters. I knew Welker was out but I still thought Brady would put up solid numbers.

Why doesn't Brady throw deep to Randy Moss anymore? Moss is still fast and much taller than the entire Jets secondary.

It looked like New England was playing in a scrimmage game - running practice plays - while the Jets were playing in a regular season game. If I didn't know how much Belichick hates to lose, I'd say the fix was in.

Back on topic - I knew a lousy day by Brady and Moss, plus Chris Johnson's 46 fantasy points pretty much screwed me in any football contest.

On Snapdraft I was 2nd in almost every contest, but 2nd over there is just 1st loser.

I also DQ'd on 2 NASCAR contests when I forgot to fill them out while doing football projections. Ugh.

My only saving grace were the late contests, which I nailed with a 153.5 score. Swept them all. (Heh, if I used that roster in all of my contests I'd be flush today. C'est la vie.)

Overall I was 9 of 35 contests for a ROI of -42.53%. Good to get the 1st loser of the season out of the way, right? (For enquiring minds, I was 13 winners and 4 losers last football season.)

I lost ground in SWDP by only putting up 82.9 points. I'm about 50 points out of 1st, which might be insurmountable since Pauly subscribes to

It was nice to see that the other few active subscribers did well yesterday. Even though I picked poorly, the projections do work.

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