Friday, November 13, 2009

Haterade Shower

What an extremely interesting week it's been in fantasy world. Last night I got this thrown at me in an FSL hockey contest:

So... fill in the blank. (He's mad at me and I lost the contest!) Not the first time someone has tried to tilt me in a fantasy contest.

I'm guessing he's upset that I'm a fantasy expert, yet not playing nosebleed stakes. Well, I'll tell you why I'm not playing nosebleed games right now:

1) I can't afford it. I'm not bankrolled enough to play up there.
2) It's a dumb move, UNLESS... and this is important - you know you can get consistent, repeat action at those levels.

Let's say for argument's sake I play him 3 straight nights at $107 HU. And I manage to win all three contests. Does he continue to play me? Does he start to avoid me? Does he refuse to sign up 1st for any contests? We'll never know.

Since there is no guarantee of repeat action, there is no point in risking a large portion of my bankroll on one contest.

I never said to ANYONE I was the BEST fantasy player. However, I am a winning fantasy player. I have won on ALL of the daily sites I've played on - including the (*ahem*) "unbeatable" sites. I have won every year from 2006-2009. I'm one of the only players active in all sports currently being offered on the daily sites.

I cash out my winnings and I spend them. I'm not a wealthy man and I realize that $213 fantasy contests are play money games to some folks. Believe me, I'd like to get to those games, because I think there's a lot of dead money there.

If somebody wants to set up a HU challenge across ALL the sports, I'll take anyone on at whatever stakes I can afford. And I'll gladly post the results right here, win or lose.

I actually started my daily fantasy projections site to try and raise money to reach those expensive games. I figured it would be worth it for my opponents to find out who I was likely to pick each night. Basically, I've been selling some of my edge for a price.

Speaking of daily fantasy projections, I see that FSL has decided to offer free projections for football contests. It's a good marketing tool for them.

But I think that imitation is a sincere form of flattery! (I also think you get what you pay for!)

DFP offers projections for all team sports on all the best sites, every day.

While I do think there are excellent free player ranking out there, our football projections come from full game simlulations that include all stats used in scoring - Yds, TDs, Fumbles, INTs, Sacks, Safeties, 2 pt conversions, FG distance and accuracy.

It's important to have accurate projections, because that's how you know if you're getting good value for the cap space you are using.

My projections are back by 3+ years of WINNING results and are a tremendous value for the price.

One last thing - Any player good enough to beat me consistently wouldn't be crying for a matchup. They would be quietly pleased whenever I show up (at ANY stakes).


Blinders said...

Not trying to compete, but I figured if I bothered doing them at all for myself to beat the duel, I might as well post for FSL specifically. Went 9/12 BTW including a win against you as well as some Kaiser ownership this weekend. Want to guess my nickname? I will be done with projections when FB season ends, as daily is too much work for me.

Buffalo66 said...

Yeah, I went 1 for 5 in NFL over there. Disappointed they only ran cap games. It's hard to win when your expensive WR scores -1.

I don't really care if you offer projections, but I just want peeps to know that they are NOT my projections.