Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Auto Draft Discussion: The Endgame

I'm surprised about how much feedback I got from my previous post. I didn't realize that many of my readers were avid auto draft fans.

Well, I'm going to compare FSL and Fan Duel auto drafts. Even though they shouldn't really be compared - they are very different games.

On Fan Duel the auto draft has a flexible player list. This means you can select a player (say Kobe Bryant), and put him as you 1st choice or 18th choice (or anywhere in between). You can choose the exact order you draft each player, regardless of their position on the field.

On FSL the auto draft has a rigid player list. You make your choices at each position, but the order that the players are drafted is pre-determined.

On Fan Duel the draft order is determined by which user signs up first. Users then alternate picks until the rosters are filled. Since opponents are randomly chosen, you have a chance of picking 1st or 2nd.

On FSL the draft order is determined by total cap points of your picks. The user with the lowest cap total picks 1st. (This method is explained in FAQ of the FSL site, but it would be nice if it was included on the contest page or rules page.)

On Fan Duel, it is a slight advantage to pick 1st, but I feel this advantage is minimized by the flexibility of the draft list.

On FSL, it is a huge advantage to pick 1st (or 2nd, depending on the sport). IMO, it should be your primary objective to get the superior draft position.

The best example I can give comparing the two sites is a basketball contest, on a night when both Kobe and LeBron are playing.

On Fan Duel, if each user drafts those players first, one will get Kobe and one will get LeBron.

On FSL, the user in the 2nd draft position will get BOTH Kobe and LeBron, while player 1 will get neither.

So use your own judgement over which game fits your needs.

I prefer the Fan Duel drafts, but that's just me.

I'm pretty much done talking about this, OK?

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Cameron said...

Found this on google. Nice post - could you elaborate on FSL why the 2nd player would get Kobe and LeBron?