Friday, November 06, 2009

Three Tablespoons Of Blah

After my big Sunday, I am wallowing in a three day losing streak.

Monday was another decent winner, but a last second meaningless "surrender" goal (it was not an empty net goal) cost me several contests on Tuesday - and I managed to avoid a winner.

Then the next few days were mostly fail. However, my huge day was on the 1st of the month, so I'm still way up in November. (Accentuate the positive.)

I experimented a little with my ranking cap picks by scouring the player pool for "value picks". I noticed Kaiseroll13 had most of the same choices. But our choices mostly didn't pan out.

While I believe it's necessary to have an obvious bargain on your roster, I think it's better for your score to pick the top (projected) performers and work your way down.

I have a busy day ahead with daily fantasy projections for basketball, hockey and football, plus a strategy post on auto draft games.

Football Picks: CFL, Calgary @ Saskatchewan (-1.5). I'm expecting the Riders to redeem themselves. NCAA, LSU (+7.5) @ Alabama. The Tide plays too many close games. NFL, Dolphins (+10.5) @ Patriots. Strictly a cover play. [2009 YTD 14-16.]

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