Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Prologue Or Epilogue?

While things have not been developing rapidly lately, there are some changes coming into my life.

Barring a last minute legal snag, I'm going to open my own restaurant. More specifically, I'm actually leasing the food service portion of an existing business.

This gives me a fully equipped kitchen with an existing clientele and very little capital outlay for assets, other overhead or labor. In other words, the chance to open my own eatery for a FRACTION of what a brand new establishment would cost in both time and money.

I've always had a "work for yourself" temperament. While I think I "play well with others", I never found a good career as an employee for someone else. Most jobs lacked advancement path or benefits necessary to stay long term.

I have had moderate success as a professional ebayer and dealing in daily fantasy sports. (While I certainly haven't gotten rich, I consider all of the profitable years to be a success.)

I've also found self-employment to contain only a fraction of the stress my other jobs dealt to me.

So making the assumption that my deal is closed this weekend, I'll start getting the kitchen up to speed and hopefully will start serving within a month.

This new commitment is going to hog all of my time. It will probably make playing daily fantasy sports an impossible task this summer.

So this could be the end of my fantasy "career". I'm not officially retiring just yet.

In other news, I have made long-term living arrangements in Buffalo, but my move in date is still up in the air. It looks like I'll have to rent some storage for at least a short period.

Regardless of what transpires, I'll always use this space as my personal blog. It's an important outlet for me.

Although you may hear a lot more about food in the future.


SirFWALGMan said...

gl with you new business venture

lemoyneken said...

It sounds like Buffalo may have finally held him...

Good luck to you sir!!! Will you serve your burgers on Kaiser rolls?

Alex said...


lemoyneken - Pretty sure Kaiserolls won't be on the menu.

Buffalo66 said...

LOL. A kimmelwick is as close as I'll get.