Thursday, April 08, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Baseball has started out pretty decent, with a big winner, a small winner and a medium loser in my first three days. While I have been getting shelled on Fan Duel I have been doing well at FSL. (There has not been enough traffic at Draft Zone for me to play there so far.)

Last night I won only a couple of contests, but fortunately I didn't get the volume of action from the earlier days.

I'll be shuttling back and forth between Buffalo and Prison City over the next few weeks, as I have a lot of logistical issues to resolve regarding my living arrangements and my "stuff". I may have to rent a storage unit until I can sign a lease.

I'm also pursuing a new business opportunity, which may become a reality next week. it is outside of the fantasy sports realm and would certainly take me away from computer geekdom.

So if I change my focus, I might have to give up fantasy gaming. The hours - time of day needed to be competitive online - would conflict (except perhaps Sat./Sun., which would be good for NASCAR and NFL).

I could still keep Daily Fantasy Projections going, it's much easier to keep that up to date around the new schedule.

I'm also considering a new ride, either 2 or 4 wheel. I have narrowed my choices down to a scooter, a motorcycle and a diesel car/truck.

Stay tuned for more non-fantasy news soon.

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