Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Apparently I Am A Horrible, Horrible Person.


I kind of feel like Jerry McGuire after he wrote and printed his "mission statement".

Not my most well thought out post. I hated on Kaiseroll13 and I deserve to be hated for it.

FWIW, I never disputed Kaiser's results. There is no question in my mind he is the best daily fantasy player out there. He is a good dude. (And if he is giving out his name & likeness for free - he should definitely get himself an decent agent!)

Also, Fan Duel is still my favorite place to play daily games. The people that run the site are good folks and have been good to me.

While I wondered aloud about the relationship between Kaiser & FD, it's really none of my business.

So I will keep my wild speculation to myself.

While most readers won't believe this, I have no desire to be on any leaderboards. I think the leaderboards & chat boxes are very detrimental to getting regular action in daily games.

We now return to my tilted, irrelevant existance.

At least I gave myself a reason to post again on a regular basis.

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