Monday, July 05, 2010

Veggie Burgers & Fan Duel Matchups

What's the worst thing about buying a case of veggie burgers and not being able to sell them?

Eating the aforementioned veggie burgers.

I have to admit they are not terrible. Although, I also admit to preparing them topped with chili. Someone suggested last night to try them with bacon. Bacon makes everything better.

I see the launch of the $100 games on Fan Duel has already allowed some players to put up gaudy numbers. While the dollars "won" doesn't reflect actual profit, it gives a good indication that a volume of matchups are taking place.

Which leaves me a little curious as to how those volume matchups are occuring. There are nowhere near the amount of public entries to support the volume of matchups being represented on the leaderboard.

You can also see the amount of unmatched private entries when you sign up for a new game. However, matched private entries are unseen to anyone not involved in the matchup.

I'm guessing that some of the high volume players are inviting each other to private matchups.

As for me, I've been getting enough competition for my measly bankroll. I like to spread my risk by playing as many different opponents as possible.

While it won't ever get me to the top of the leaderboard, it will continue to make me the small, consistent gains I've earned over the last 3+ years.


Alex said...

I haven't actually checked, but I'm pretty sure that most of the matchups are public. They just aren't that noticeable, because many of them fill very quickly...especially shortly before contest time.

Buffalo66 said...


I'm not saying anything suspect is going on. Just saying that there aren't a lot of unmatched entries hanging around.