Monday, July 12, 2010

Why Winnings Don't Reflect Good Fantasy Players

Quick post today, mostly because I've had this on my mind.

Let's take an example of two Fan Duel players.

Player A plays ten $100 contests, winning five of them.

Player B plays 13 $10 contests, winning eight.

On the leader board, you will see:

Player A $900
Player B $144

However, looking at the true profit of each player:

Player A, $1000 in entries, $900 in winnings.
Player B, $130 in entries, $144 in winnings.

A true profit/loss leader board would read:

Player B $14
Player A -$100

Now I realize some people have money to burn and they don't necessarily care about profits. If you know any of these people please let me know where they play.

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