Monday, July 19, 2010 Is Here, With My Mug On The Home Page

One of the more interesting fantasy sites to come along recently is the new

What these folks are trying to do is start a daily fantasy community, which includes a forum and user rankings.

They asked me for an interview, which I granted. You can jump to the result here. Now that my name, picture and screen name are common knowledge, I can expect the hacks/identity theft to start any day now.

As for the new site, I think they are headed in the right direction. Having the contest results (winners only) is a HUGE informational bounty. You can see the volume of contests on each site now.

I'm also hoping the forums will spawn shared knowledge of the industry to help the player, not the "house".

My only beef is that the ranking system is flawed. They are using the same system developed for

This won't work in daily fantasy. There are two reasons for this:

-Not enough large multi-player contests. In poker, you can win a tournament over a huge field. In fantasy you are lucky to fill out a 10 player contest.

-Limit on monthly/seasonal/yearly results. If I win a $100 contest 100 times on Fan Duel, then it's impossible to achieve a higher score (from HU) using this system. And the system doesn't take into account all of the losses it took to get those 100 wins.

It would be super easy for a high volume player to max out his results on multiple sites over any time frame.

I'm not saying I have a better ranking system designed, but the current model is pretty meaningless, IMO.


Blinders said...

Nice interview.

Blinders said...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I would like to accept your multi-sport challenge. The only issues is we can't do it at, because I can't win money on my account, and that would be no fun. Fanduel is fine, but they don't have NASCAR right?

Cameron - said...

Thanks for the love Buffalo! In regards to the rankings system, we have some long-term tricks up our sleeves :) We are ALWAYS looking to improve and better RotoGrinders for the entire Daily Fantasy Grinders community. If anyone has any thoughts or comments (especially on the rankings system), please post them in our forums! I promise we are all ears!