Monday, August 16, 2010

Buffalo66 Challenge Contest #6: A Little Bit Of Everything

It was a crazy Sunday, to say the least.

We almost didn't have a contest. I sent Blinders the wrong link to the matchup on Fan Duel.

Blinders emailed me around 12:30 saying the link didn't work. I emailed him back the correct link and offered to put up a public entry if there were still problems.

I also tried to contact him in the Fan Duel chat room.

At 12:59 Blinders emailed me saying there wasn't enough time and he wanted to reschedule. Then suddenly, he changed his mind. "If I can decide on a roster quick enough then we'll go", he said.

So the contest was on.

I thought he made a wise decision to matchup because I made a bush league ROOKIE MISTAKE. I didn't check to see if Alex Rios was starting. I checked for Konerko and Alexei Ramirez, but for some reason I just assumed Rios was starting.

This was even more hurtful than usual because we were playing the expert cap game. Rios took up a lot of salary.

My bad day got even worse, when my starting pitcher Vincente Padilla got torched for 8 runs in only 4 innings. He put up an awful -2, while Hellickson notched 17 points for Blinders.

At this point I just assumed my goose was cooked, so I decided to play a poker tournament. (Which took 3 hours. And yes, I cashed.)

After dinner I went for drinks at the corner bar. I noticed on TV that two of my guys hit HR's. I thought little of it, figuring I would write this contest up as a lopsided affair.

Well, I get home to discover I had actually won the contest, 25-21! Konerko and Tulowitzki totalled 19 points, wiping out my deficit. My remaining players outscored Blinders roster by 4 points.

I feel somewhat sheepish about my win, because I feel Blinders had to make his picks under duress of time constraints. Personally, I would have my roster ready regardless of when the matchup occurred, but I can't fault Blinders at all under the circumstances.

I've decided to give Blinders my next turn in the challenge, meaning he can pick the next 3 consecutive baseball dates.

The challenge currently sits at 5-1 in my favor.

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