Saturday, August 14, 2010

Buffalo66 Challenge Contest #5: The Results Are In...

There was a snafu on the Fan Duel site last night that disabled the live scoring. So I had to keep score on a pad of paper - just like the old days when we played Yahtzee or Gin Rummy.

I just wanted the results to be official before posting them here.

When I saw the rosters I was very surprised Blinders took James Shields. I didn't have him projected very high and we usually make similar choices.

I also went back and forth on Posada & Cano, as the Yankee game was facing adverse weather. I decided to take both of them over their backup choices.

Brett Myers gave me a solid 13 points in a no decision, while Shields put up only 3 in a poor outing.

We both had Pujols who totaled 10 points, including a HR.

Blinders made the surprise value pick of Mike Stanton. With 2 HR's and a double, Stanton tallied 14 points.

With the Yankees and White Sox both in a rain delay, we traded one point leads a few times as Vernon Wells put up 3 for me and Pat Burrell added 3 for Blinders.

However, the White Sox resumed and Alexei Ramirez hit a solo HR to finally give me a cushion.

Blinders' roster finished and I had a lead of 46-41. The Yankees resumed after midnight, adding a strikeout to my total, making the final score 45-41.

I'm now leading the baseball portion of the challenge 4-1, with contest #6 on Sunday.

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