Monday, September 20, 2010

Buffalo66 Challenge Contest #12: Goodbye Baseball

We had our last baseball contest in the challenge.

Blinders won handily, 28-6. Results are here.

There's really not much to say about this contest. My roster just stunk. I'm not taking anything away from Blinders, but it's not difficult to beat a roster that puts up only 6 points.

I managed to finish the baseball portion with a 7-5 advantage. I'm pleased with this result, because I consider baseball to be the highest variance sport with the softest cap. The result could have been wildly different depending on which days we might have changed on the schedule.

Up next is football, which is probably Blinders' strongest sport. It will start during NFL week 4.

I'm hoping we'll also get some hockey in before football wraps up. Hockey will be on the table in November, and basketball should be eligible in December.

If I'm competitive in football, I really like my chances to win the challenge outright.

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