Saturday, September 18, 2010

Buffalo66 Challenge Contest #11: Eggs In One Basket

The latest episode of the challenge was a classic strategy battle.

I managed to hold on to the win 56-55. Results are here.

While this was a close contest with lots of offense, the real story lies in the roster selection.

We both had the same P-C-1B, leaving us with a 6 on 6 hitting contest.

However, Blinders whole roster contained 7 Phillies (including the pitcher). The most he could legally have is 8.

Obviously, Blinders saw the Phillies had a great matchup and wanted to exploit that.

Those of you that visit here regularly know that I disagree with this "all or nothing" strategy. It doesn't work often enough to be effective.

I have to admit it worked pretty well for Blinders. Philly scored 6 in the 1st inning, chasing the Washington starter after only one inning. Philly ended up winning 9-1.

Usually in these situations, the managers will pull most of the starting hitters to let the scrubs play in a blowout. However, all of Blinders starters played the whole game.

Basically he dodged two bullets (good relief & getting pulled) to get maximum points out of his roster.

I actually had two of MY players pulled during blowout losses.

As for the scoring, a clutch 9th inning HR by Arod gave me a 10 point lead. Tulowitzki was the only player left for Blinders. He manged to hit a 2 run HR and score 9 points, but it was one short.

This victory clinches the baseball portion for me. It's now 7-4 in my favor, with Sunday as the last baseball contest.


Blinders said...

Its tough to put up 55 points and lose, but thats what happens when you are up against the best.

Blinders said...
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