Sunday, September 12, 2010

Buffalo66 Challenge Contest #10: Almost Wasn't

I let Blinders know I wanted Sunday as my next date last Tuesday. And I sent him the matchup link early last evening.

However, we were within an hour of the start and he hadn't accepted the matchup. I received a few emails from him stating he was having trouble accessing his email.

He sent me his own created matchup link, but it was a standard cap game. I wanted to play an expert cap game. My choice, my game.

Somehow, I was able to get my link to him and we were able to play.

Once the duel began, it was pretty one-sided. I won the contest 54-27. Results are here.

Justin Verlander went 8 innings, striking out 11. With 5 runs in the bottom of the 8th, he secured a win (which was actually negated by a Brandon Inge 2 run HR for Blinders).

In addition, Paul Konerko homered in his first 2 at bats to give me a 25 point cushion.

Blinders had Joulys Chacin pitching for the Rockies, plus Troy Tulowitzki hitting to make up the deficit. Once Chacin left the tie game, the contest was locked up.

The series is now 6-4 in my favor. Winning one of the next two contests will give me the baseball portion outright.

I assume we will start football in either NFL week 3 or 4.

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