Friday, September 17, 2010

WPBT Vegas Bound

In what has quickly become "the year of the bucket list", I'll be in Las Vegas during the WPBT Winter Classic.

I'll be arriving Thursday and leaving Monday to get the full weekend experience.

I don't expect to be playing in the Saturday tournament. Despite the name of my blog, hold 'em gives me a rash in strange places. I'll probably play some stud with all of the other senile people in attendance.

However, I do hope to meet many of the strange, nebulous internet peeps that have influenced my life over the last seven years. (Or at least see them in action from a stalkerish distance.)

I will be betting on a lot of sports (including the ponies). So if anyone there wants to ditch poker for more of a Let It Ride experience, track me down. (Get it? "Track" me down?)

I hope all of you that read this decide to go, so I can meet you in person.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

1 comment:

lemoyneken said...

Congratulations! I am envious. Good luck at stud. Try to take in the entire experience!