Monday, October 25, 2010

Buffalo66 Challenge Contest #16: 60k Success

I manged to win another football contest in the challenge. Final score was 135-99. results are here.

I decided to stick with the standard 60k cap instead of the expert 55k cap, mostly because I had won both previous 60k contests.

We manged to have a few similar picks this week, including Roddy White, who went off and scored 32.1 points by himself. We both had BAL kicker Cundiff, who scored a respectable 15 points.

I wanted Olindo Mare, but the weather report was heavy rain and 18mph winds in Seattle. This also convinced me to take the SEA defense, which ranked #2 in my projections.

Mare went on to have a great game, but my change in DEF paid off with 16 points. It also allowed me to afford Rodgers at QB, who put up a small margin over Brees.

Overall, my entire team chipped in for a great score.

This leaves the overall challenge at 10-6 in my favor, with football favoring me 3-1.


SirFWALGMan said...

Seems like Blinders should put a fork in it. LOL. Nice job!

Buffalo66 said...

I was up 5-1 so technically it's been 5-5 since then.

If I can mange to win the football portion, I like my chances. Only basketball has me concerned right now.