Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sometimes, 2nd Place Is Pretty Darn Good

Last night, Fan Duel held another large salary cap contest. However, it was NBA, which is my weakest discipline.

I was expecting the "slam" to fill up completely - 400 entries. I decided to take 12 shots and adjusted my rosters accordingly.

Much to my surprise there were only 366 rosters entered. I kind of regretted not putting in more attempts.

Regardless, my rosters were varied enough to yield two cashes: 2nd place for $600 and 7th place for $160.

While I'm pleased with the result, I'm not sure I'll be playing NBA salary cap regularly. I'll stick to the auto pick games if I have my choice.

Including my regular play yesterday, I'd say this night was definitely a top ten earner for me, perhaps top five. Still not close to my best night ever (profit wise).

October has been a great month, making up for a horrible summer.


C.C. said...

hey I've been following your blog for a long while. i use to play the fantasy sports for a little bit. but then i decided to focus only on poker and sports betting, but i just don't have the patience for poker anymore. I'm looking at all the different sites now was wondering which are the good ones i know fsl is great but what about the other ones and the numbers im seeing on these leaders boards, are they real is it possible now. Any information would be helpful.

Buffalo66 said...

I prefer daily fantasy over betting b/c of the legality issues. And I spend a fraction of the time I spent on poker.

DFS is starting to turn the corner. Sites are growing in popularity. I get enough action now to make the rent.

I pretty much stick to Fan Duel and FSL, but there are others that I've played on. Check out rotogrinders for reviews of some other sites.

Remember that the $$$ shown on the leader boards is prize money, not profit. I don't think many players are beating the rake long term (I am).