Monday, November 08, 2010

Buffalo66 Challenge Contest #19: Good Enough

I managed to win another football contest in the challenge. The final score was 134-99. Results are here.

I really didn't spend as much time on this roster as I hoped to. I made my picks rather quickly and didn't follow up when the last hour info came out.

I had Kellen Winslow as my #2 projected TE and Brandon Marshall as my #5 WR. Both failed to produced much of anything.

I had considered picking up a 2nd Chargers WR with Gates out, or perhaps McMichael/Tamme at TE. I also considered changing my K to upgrade with Green Bay defense. Any of these changes would have improved my score immensely.

Instead, I just decided to trust my original picks - and fortunately it was good enough to win.

So this leaves the challenge at 12-7 in my favor, also leading the football portion 4-2.


gregory said...

missed you tonight ( thurs ). yeah...i can't beat you, but i do enjoy the game.

gregory said...


gregory said...

any idea why jeff carter and dustin byfuglien are missing from the fsl player lists?


Buffalo66 said...

I'm not sure what's up with that. Carter was there before. Email them if you want players added.