Monday, November 15, 2010

Personal Growth In Daily Fantasy Sports

I've been playing the daily contests for 3-4 years and I've won or lost in almost every way imaginable. Walk off 3 run HR, 14 round OT shootout, or power outage in an arena. You name it, it's probably happened.

When I started to play, I would "sweat" (watch) the games religiously. It was fun to have a little action riding on a team or a player. I could find myself cheering a play one minute then cursing the next play.

You might find yourself screaming through the TV at the manager to make a move, or yelling at the coach to foul/kick a field goal. (Of course they can't hear you!)

Now as the daily fantasy traffic began to grow, more of my time was spent finding opponents and doing research (projections). I could still watch the games once the contests started, but I'd more likely listen to radio broadcasts while I worked on getting more matchups.

After 3+ years of winning and losing - sometimes in strange ways, I guess you become somewhat numb to it. I just feel that way these days. When I hear people boast or whine about the wins & losses, I do understand where they are coming from. But I'm SO over it.

Developing my projections gave me a rather simple method to grade my team's performance. Since each player has a projected score, my roster has a total projected score. So my team will over perform or under perform, based upon the final tally.

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gregory said...

several years ago, 5-10 nlh. i have just over 1k, and villain has me covered. JJ 2nd position. %25. called in the cut-off. sb pops it to $60. I make it $150. cut-off folds, sb calls.
J 8 7 rainbow.
sb checks, i bet $200, sb shoves. i call. he turns over two kings.
blank turn. big blind informs the table that he's glad he mucked his AK.
you know what rivers.

without the comment by the big blind, the hand is just another beat. if there is no punch-line, there is no story.

i think when we get to the point where we can appreciate the humour of gambling, we take a necessary step towards success in this profession.