Friday, November 05, 2010

Haters Gonna... Something

(I originally wanted to title this "Eff The Hatahs" but Waffles has the copyright on that.)

It's so funny to me how players want to hate on me when I'm winning. I've been doing this fantasy sports thing for about four years and I've had some amazing swings.

This MLB season was especially brutal. However, I had a great October, cashing some big prizes on Fan Duel. Even without the big contests I still had an excellent month.

All that the players haters can see are the short term results. "I went 45-0 last night." I've had plenty of night like that, without saying a peep to anyone. I've also had the 0-30 nights too. I'd much rather talk about those. The losing nights are much tougher for me to let go. I obsess over them.

With the advent of fantasy sports chat & message boards, the "community" is becoming more intimate, but not necessarily in a good way.

Let me cite specific examples, in a hater-to-me format:

Hater: "Why won't you play me at $xxx buy in. You just play the kiddie games."

Everyone knows I spread my action out over all opponents. I've explained this multiple times. I'll play as high as the traffic allows me to spread it out. Believe me, I can afford your buy in. When I can also match up against ten other haters at that level, I'll play there.

If you want to double your action against me, play both the draft/pick format and the salary cap.

And if you really think I'm a fish, take the Buffalo66 Challenge. I'll play $213 per contest, no problem.

Hater: "You're nothing but a leader board whore".

I wish! Whores get paid right? Getting paid to be on the leader board would be awesome.

Actually, I hate leader boards. I have asked to be removed from leader boards many times. It kills my action on the sites. Players see my name up there and they won't match my entries.

The only leader board/rankings I voluntarily joined were over at rotogrinders. They are trying to bring new players into the fold and I want to support that effort, because it means more money for all of the regulars.

BTW, their formula for ranking will never allow me to get to #1 overall. Not to mention if Kaiseroll13 was joined too he would be #1.

Hater: "You are a _______ ."

You can call me names, homey. I can take it. But why do people gravitate towards 12 year old behavior in this community. I think WoW players are probably more mature.

I understand that daily fantasy = instant gratification. People also like to talk smack. Whatever it takes to make you feel better about yourself.

But if you call me out, don't get all bent out of shape if I respond. I know players have spread lies about me. I carry the truth with me at all times, so ASK ME if you want to know something about me.

Now from a karmic standpoint, I probably deserved to be hated on a little bit for hating on Kaiseroll13 earlier this year. I apologized for being mean towards him, regardless of whether he did something shady or not.

To quote Jerry Maguire, "The world is a cynical place." I don't expect everyone to be nice to me. It's just tiring hearing the same old hater shit over and over.

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