Monday, November 01, 2010

Buffalo66 Challenge Contest #17: Last Minute Indecision

I lost the most recent football contest in the challenge. Final score was 124-115. Results are here.

I originally set up my roster with Deion Branch, who was announced as a game time decision at 12:30 pm (30 minutes before start time). So I rearranged my K, TE and WR corp with different personnel.

When the contest went off we had 4 identical players, making the game a 5-on-5 tilt. I expect this to happen more often as the season progresses, because the value plays become more obvious.

Our one unique WR match up was Brandon Marshall vs. Calvin Johnson. Megatron (CJ) put up a huge day with 28 points. This put me in a big hole. My TB defense managed to put up 20 points (despite giving up 35 points at home!). However, I fell 10 points short after the Sunday games.

Going in Monday night we had all of the same players active, so it left the outcome as a victory for Blinders.

This leaves the overall challenge at 10-7 in my favor, with the football portion favoring me 3-2.

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