Thursday, December 02, 2010

Buffalo66 Challenge Contests #24 & #25: Split Doubleheader

Last night in the challenge we had a rare doubleheader: A hockey contest and a basketball contest.

I managed to win the hockey contest, 20-17. Results are here. I got just enough out of my Washington & Montreal skaters to offset a poor goal tending performance. Blinders roster had a great goaltender, but little offense.

This victory put my lead in hockey at 3-0.

We also had our first basketball tilt. Blinders won 253-242. Results are here.

This wasn't as close as the score might seem. I did benefit from a triple OT game in NJ, with 3 players on my roster. But very poor nights from Augustine (foul trouble) and Nowitzki (limited minutes in blowout) left me on the short end.

This gives Blinders the hoops lead at 1-0.

However, I retain the overall lead at 17-8. I need just 8 more wins to clinch the series outright.

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