Monday, December 06, 2010

Buffalo66 Challenge Contest #26: Low Tide

I won another football contest in the challenge. Final score was 105-65. Results are here.

I wasn't as confident going into Sunday, because a lot of my targeted players were in the Thursday night game. And my choice at QB, Aaron Rodgers, was playing in a cold weather game.

However, Rodgers performed as expected, with a 3 TD afternoon. Adrian Peterson also ran all over the Bills for another 3 TDs.

Even with that help, I put up a relatively low score.

Going into the Monday Night game, Blinders needed about 60 points to make it close. Unfortunately for him, the Jets were crushed.

This put the overall challenge at 18-8 in my favor. I also lead the football portion 8-2.

I'm leaving for Las Vegas Wednesday, so there will only be a football challenge this week, but hockey & hoops will resume when I return.

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lemoyneken said...

Good luck in Vegas!