Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vegas Trip Report Day 2: Magical MGM

I was pretty beat from the travel and slept good Thursday night. I woke up early, probably because my body was still on east coast time. I grabbed some breakfast and decided to head over to the MGM sports book right at 10 AM to play some horses.

Before I went, I prepped my horse picks on my laptop. I had to write everything down on paper as my laptop wasn't allowed in the MGM. I handicapped about 8 tracks, not knowing which ones the MGM would offer.

Once I was at the book, I settled into a seat close to the cashier & the horse action. I grabbed a cup of coffee and started to look for value bets.

Two 20-something dudes were sitting behind me looking for something to bet on. They asked for some free cocktails but were rebuffed without wager tickets. I offered to give them my losing horse tickets so they could drink on the house. This may have brought me karma.

Just betting $2 win tickets, I managed to pull off 4 winners in quick succession, including a 57-1 longshot at Calder. It seems like the whole session was only 90 minutes, but I was probably there 2-3 hours.

I finished up $200 on the horses. I perused the sports selections and placed a wager on the Knicks. I hit Dr. Pauly up on twitter, hoping to meet up and sweat the game. I also placed a hockey bet.

I went back to Hooters and ate their wings for the very first time. They were very meh. I decided to chill out in the room for awhile and head back to the MGM close to 4 PM.

I wanted to get back to the MGM before the early college hoops games started, plus I knew the bloggers would be meeting there for mixed games poker. I got 2 college bets and a second NHL bet in for the evening.

I chilled out for a couple hours at the sports book sweating the games. I recognized several bloggers - BG was holding court at the far end of the book. I also pissed next to Iggy. I was going to say something to him but he looked like he was in a hurry. Pauly ended up sweating the game at IP so I never ran into him.

Despite all of the missed connections the evening was a gambler's dream. I went 5-0 in my sports bets, and combined with my horse winnings I was up several hundred dollars. After sweating out the late games I headed back to Hooters, had a couple drinks at the bar and then crashed.

It was a good day.

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lemoyneken said...

Impressive bankroll after one full day of betting.