Monday, December 20, 2010

Buffalo66 Challenge Contest #26: Missed Connections

After a two week hiatus, we were finally able to resume the challenge. Attempts to get some hockey or basketball going didn't work out. Then we both had a trip to Vegas and the NFL matchup didn't happen last Sunday.

I managed to win yesterday's football contest. The final score was 95-77. Results are here.

I was surprised when I ran the projections and Carolina was the top rated defense. Trusting my number crunching, I picked them and they put up a decent score.

My intuitive value pick of David Nelson also paid off. He didn't start in place of the injured Lee Evans, but he has now caught a TD in three consecutive games.

Arian Foster was the only player to really disappoint, but apparently he was playing hurt.

This victory leaves the challenge at 18-8 in my favor, with my lead in football at 9-2.

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