Monday, December 27, 2010

Vegas Trip Report Day 3: Meeting A Legend

Well, I woke up Saturday morning with a fat wallet. Again, I was up early.

Saturday was the day of the blogger tournament at Aria. I had been on the fence about playing for a variety of reasons. After my good score on Friday, I decided to pass on the tourney, figuring I was dead money. Besides, I had already cashed more in the sports book than I was likely to win.

Plus I wasn't part of a team needed to get the added bonus cash.

I scooted over to MGM right at 10 AM to look at some lines. I made a few bets and headed back to the room to freshen up before the tournament. I put on a Bills shirt so I might stand out amongst the rail birds.

I walked over the Aria, finally figuring out how to cross the strip without having to use the overpass walkways. Those things give me pretty serious vertigo - like the dude in "Body Double". (Not sure what it is, maybe the traffic moving below upsetting my balance.)

I follow a bunch of signs pointing to Aria and walk through a pretty swanky upscale mall coming out at a traffic circle. There are 3 buildings, but not one of them has a sign saying what they are. I hit the 1st one and had to walk halfway through the place before I finally see a sign saying "Aria". So now I know at least I'm in the right place.

I make it to the poker room and see the tournament in progress. I sweat the proceedings for about 5 minutes when the 1st break happens. I see a mass exodus of bloggers head for the outdoor smoking section.

I shrug my shoulders and decide to go find a drink. I grab an $11 cocktail and decide to check on a few of my bets in the Aria sports book.

I watch the end of the Clippers game and decide to head back to the poker room. I manage to catch the end of the 2nd break, and see Dr. Pauly talking to a few folks in the back.

So I decide to go back and introduce myself. Pauly greets me with a big smile, "You must be Buffalo66! It's an honor to meet you!"

"Likewise", I replied. "The honor is truly mine."

We chatted for about 5 minutes on some sports stuff and I asked where I could find a couple of bloggers. Pauly is a very charismatic, popular guy and there were other folks there needing a minute with him. I chatted with Falstaff for a few then excused myself when the tournament resumed.

Now if you ever read my original blog - the poker incarnation (long since destroyed) - Pauly was the first person to ever read & comment on my scribe. To meet that person meant a lot to me.

Also let me make an obvious prediction. Pauly will blow up one day and become big star. Although I don't think it will come in the gambling, poker or phish worlds. I just think one day he will stumble onto a big story. Fall right into it. And because he's so good at capturing a moment, a person, a collective feeling - when he tells that big story to the world, he'll become a household name.

I don't know when it will happen, but it will.

Back to my story. I left the tournament and had a couple drinks at the bar closest to the poker room. I figured if people busted out I could catch a meet & greet with them. But after two more $11 cocktails I felt I was wasting my money there, and instead decided to walk around.

I walked around the strip on a very sunny day. Nothing really caught my attention other than the mass sea of humanity. I headed back to the hotel for some dinner.

After dinner & a change of clothes I walked back to MGM for some more wagering. Saturday night in the MGM is a sight to behold. This is the night people dress up (for whatever reason) and even the hookers were in their best attire.

I was waiting for a spot to sit down when the two 20-something dudes from yesterday spotted me. "Hey, it's hockey guy!", they said. More good luck, I thought to myself.

I placed some bets and sweated the early evening games. With still the late games to go, I decided to head back to the hotel bar. I had several drinks and struck up a conversation with a fella that had a local limo business. He hit a video poker royal flush while we were at the bar, and bought several rounds.

I made it back to my room pretty buzzed.

I managed to go 6-4 on my bets Saturday, up even more. Although the day was not very profitable if you include the food & drinks.

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