Saturday, January 01, 2011

Vegas Trip Report Day 4: Falling Back

I guess this is the part of the story I'm reluctant to tell. Sunday was easily my worst day in Vegas.

I woke up a little hungover, but got up in time to make my fantasy football picks. However, as I began to move around the room, I realized that somehow I managed to hurt my back.

Now I did A LOT of walking the previous two days, especially on Saturday. I even bought new walking shoes just before my trip. However, none of that seemed to help prevent the back pain I was experiencing.

My original plan was to go to Legasse's Sports Book and hang with the bloggers for a Sunday afternoon. This plan was dashed rather quickly. In fact, I couldn't even bring myself to walk across the street to MGM.

All I could really think about was falling back on the bed to relieve my sore back.

I had already placed some NFL bets on Saturday, and I saw some upcoming college basketball I wanted action on. Fortunately, there was a sports book in Hooters, so I managed to take the elevator down to the lobby and got my bets placed.

I returned to the room for some more rest, watching the Pats cruise to an easy win in snowy Chicago. I also followed the tweets of all the bloggers having a marvelous time together. I'm still disappointed about missing that event.

I grabbed a bite to eat and placed two hockey bets for the evening. After a long shower, I was feeling much better but still planned on staying at the hotel for the evening.

Since I had laid down all day, I was wide awake and well rested. I didn't really feel like catching another drunk buzz. So what else do you do when you're at a casino? You gamble, of course!

I ended up playing some slots and video poker in the lobby. I played for a couple of hours and dropped about $250. Let's just say that those -EV games are REALLY -EV. I feel stupid for playing them, and my only excuse for playing is because I was bored. I don't even feel like I got my money's worth in entertainment.

Ironically, the only slot machine I won any money on was called "Buffalo".

So I finished Sunday 3-5-1 on my sports bets, with my overall tally 15-10-1. So I was basically .500 after my 5-0 Friday.

Even with the slots losses, I'm still up a decent amount for the trip.

I headed back to my room pretty early, not sure what I was going to do for my last day in Vegas.

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