Friday, January 07, 2011

Vegas Trip Report Day 5: Realities to Memories

I woke up early Monday with really no plan of what to do until my flight left at 4:30 local time.

After getting dressed and packing I decided to find some breakfast and cash in my remaining winning tickets. As I left the casino, I was approached by an attractive woman who said, "Where are you going? Do you want some company?"

Finally. After five days in Vegas I was hit on by a hooker. At 9 AM. Outside.

I teased her a bit, asking her why she would want to have breakfast with a complete stranger. Although I found her attractive, the thought of how many cowboys she probably serviced during the night made me shudder inside.

She tried to work her game, but after our conversation I left her at the crosswalk as I headed over to MGM to cash out. So life goes on for both of us. (And I managed to go my whole trip without getting rolled. +1 for the newbie.)

I had some Starbucks & Krispy Kreme while deciding whether to place any bets before I left. You can mail in any winning tickets up to 120 days after the event finishes. Then you receive a check for your winnings.

I didn't see much to wager on, so I just finished my snack and left with my cash.

The rest of the day was pretty lame, I think I spent one day too many in Sin City.

I checked out and headed to the airport with hours to kill. I actually spent some time walking around looking for AlCantHang, as he tweeted he was at "the bar". The only problem was, which terminal? I looked through terminals B & C, so he must have been in A. Another bad beat.

The plane left 15 minutes late and arrived almost on time, touching down at midnight in Buffalo. It was snowing and 10 degrees. I caught a cab back to downtown and was glad to arrive home in one piece.

I even hit the corner bar for a cocktail before heading off to sleep. Because when I woke up, my trip was only a memory.

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