Friday, February 18, 2011

Fantasy Sports Most Hated Man's Daytona Preview

Let's get one thing straight right now: I am the most hated man in daily fantasy sports.

I am NOT the the most feared man in daily fantasy as some have suggested. Being the "most feared" is almost counter intuitive; it implies you don't want to give me any action.

Anyone who has seen my recent fantasy results should be rushing to give me action.

I'm excited for the beginning of NASCAR this week. It's only a once a week event, so fantasy NASCAR is similar to football, except the season is 36 weeks long instead of 17.

Motor sports are a little under served in the daily fantasy scene, but Fantasy Sports Live has proven it's ability to roll out a fun & challenging game.

However, Daytona weekend has probably been the worst weekend for me if past results are any indication. Because the speeds are so high at this track, NASCAR uses restrictor plates. This reduces the horse power in all of the cars so they run very equally (and at safer speeds).

In other words, all of the cars run at full throttle in one big bunch, nose to tail. Almost inevitably, there is a big wreck wiping out a big chunk of the field.

To win fantasy contests this weekend, all of your drivers need to finish. Two or three of your drivers get caught up in a wreck, you might as well turn off the TV.

Look for the drivers who actually finish the race most often and you'll have a fighting chance to win.

So if you want to try out fantasy NASCAR on FSL, this weekend would be a great time.

Because it's going to be a luckfest, plain & simple.

I call it "Restrictor plate bingo."

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