Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011: A Year Of Struggles?

This year has not gone exactly as planned.

I guess the biggest surprise for me this year is the struggle with my health. I hurt my back in Vegas, had the flu for most of January and recently battled a nasty infection. (No, I was not at the Playboy Mansion.)

Something vehemently disagreed with me this weekend, forcing a painful bout of vomiting and hyper active bowels. On Sunday my domicile looked like an an exorcism had just been performed. I think I dropped about 15 pounds.

I'm feeling much better, thank you.

I guess I have to come to terms with being middle-aged. In reality, I'm lucky to be this healthy today. It's a lot easier to count your blessings than to fret over what evil scenario is coming down the pike.

In fantasy I have struggled a bit too. I have already given up the bonus cash three times in the "Beat Buffalo66" promo on FSL. This week I had two goalies give up 7 goals each in ONE night. That usually happens to me about once every two years (mostly because the goalie usually gets pulled).

Now's a great time to take me on while I'm sucking it up over there.

Over on Draftstreet things have been much better. I'm liking most of the things they do on the site, they have more hockey traffic than everyone except Fan Duel after only a few weeks online.

They have the deepest rosters, efficient pricing and a flex position to help eliminate duplicate teams.

I have been most consistent playing the ponies, although I haven't done as well as last month. This is mostly due to poor weather cancelling a large chunk of the race cards, which makes it much harder to find value opportunities to bet on.

Finally, the sports betting has been pretty lousy for all of 2011, running just a tick under 50%. I may dedicate more blog space to this later on, I have some strategies I'm trying out for March Madness.

If I can stay healthy, I'm hoping to roll out some nice surprises this year. I have a couple of great projects to develop, if I have the time and energy.

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