Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NFO = No more Fanduel for Ohmsy?

In the latest drama bomb, fantasy player Ohmsy was temporarily suspended on Fan Duel for exploiting a software glitch that allowed him to access private contests.

Several months ago, he was caught multi-accounting as well, playing on "friends" accounts: bill_brasky, gatorfan89, etc. This is a direct violation of the Fan Duel TOS.

(Ohmsy, I know you think you didn't break the TOS b/c you say you didn't create those accounts. Yet still playing on them violates the TOS.)

The reason I bring up the multi-accounting is two fold:

1) It shows that this guy is pretty much a cheating bastard, willing to bend or break whatever rules exist to gain any advantage.

2) This whole problem is actually Fan Duel's fault. It's ALL on them for failing to ban this cheater the first time around.

FD better think long and hard on how to improve both security and the user experience. I refuse to put any money on their site until they show a serious effort in this regard.

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