Thursday, March 10, 2011

Where Is The Focus?

I feel like I'm second guessing myself.

I've been involved in several activities this year, but nothing has been an overwhelming success.

Besides playing ponies & fantasy sports, I've worked on developing some business projects (both on and offline.)

This year seems to be about non-happenings. I was recently offered an equity share in a daily fantasy contest site. I didn't feel it was a good fit for me - I'm not sure we shared the same long term goals.

Last year seemed to be about diversification. I was playing all of the fantasy sports, mixed games at poker, Daily Fantasy Projections and running a food service operation. I'm actually amazed I had enough energy for all of that, because I sure don't seem to these days. (Perhaps the rough winter beat me down a bit.)

Now I feel like that same diversification may be holding me back. When I was in Vegas, sports betting was a mutually exclusive activity. I wasn't doing anything else that day. Same goes for horse betting. The results were pretty good, maybe it's a concentration issue.

So I wonder if multi-sports fantasy play is good or bad for me. Should I concentrate on one sport or one site? Bankroll is not really a factor here.

What if I concentrated solely on horse racing? Should I drop all fantasy play to give me a bigger racing schedule?

Assuming there are 7CS satellites for the WSOP stud events, I'd like to take a shot or two this year. I know there are bigger donkeys than me out there pushing chips.

My number crunching tells me the rewards schedule on both horse betting and fantasy play are about equal. Coincidentally, my best profits for the year are equally split between the horses and my play on Draftstreet.

Which direction do I turn? I just need to find my focus and make things happen.

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