Thursday, June 09, 2011

Is Proline The Answer To Sports Betting?

The warm weather has finally hit Buffalo and I've been out scooting every nice day recently. I've also acquired some serious allergy issues, including a running stuffy nose with sneezing and watery eyes. I've been taking medication that treats the symptoms, but it makes me feel a little zoned out.

I have been playing daily fantasy baseball regularly, sticking mostly to Draftstreet and Fan Duel. I generally fare better at Draftstreet with their deeper rosters and scoring tables.

I'll keep plugging away hoping for a big score at some point.

So when I'm not busy being a broken down old man, or busy cooking out with friends, I've been researching sport betting options. I even considered trekking out to Vegas again, presuming I could gather enough action to make it worthwhile.

Most recently, Proline has piqued my interest. It is a parlay game run by the Ontario lottery. You must parlay 3-6 events and you can wager $2-$100 per ticket. Payouts are based on the odds listed per event.

Thanks to a couple of great resources, I was able to put Proline in perspective with other sports betting products. Surprisingly, Proline is a much better value than the only area sportsbook (Casino Niagara).

However, when comparing Proline odds to Pinnacle Sports, the offerings don't look very attractive. Pinny is the sharpest online book, offering lower juice than Vegas. Since all online books are not an option for me, I'm back to comparing Vegas with Proline.

There are two beautiful aspects to Proline that cannot be discounted:

1) It is completely legal to play/purchase Proline whenever I'm in Ontario.
2) If I pull a winner I know I will get paid, no questions asked.

Although I'm not a fan of parlays in general, my methodology on totals seemed to produce results. I'd like to give it another shot.

While a flight to Vegas would cost me at least $300, I can take a bus round trip to Fort Erie for $3.50. (Yes, tree fiddy.)

So while Vegas odds are probably the best available to me, Proline odds are worth taking a small shot, given my proximity to Canada.


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I need about tree fiddy...