Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Semi-OT: The Life Decision Questionnaire

I'm imparting on a short trip to visit some family and take care of personal matters.

The last two years have pretty much been a whirlwind of seriousness. I've tried to deflect a bunch of that with friends, drink or two-wheeled transportation. (Never combining the last two, obv.) Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.

I read somewhere recently that most people reach their peak pessimism at mid 40's. So I wonder if the funk in my life is part of the growth curve - as opposed to the actual circumstances I'm facing.

Anyway, I would really like feedback on the following questions I often find myself pondering. Some unique perspective from my internet friends might help me figure out some things.

Consider the following parameters:

-You are single, with no spouse or significant other.
-You have no children, no dependents and no pets.
-You have no debts.
-You have no illiquid assets other than your personal belongings.
-You have enough savings on hand to maintain your current lifestyle for 4-5 years.
-You have three diseases which are all potentially fatal. One has a 90% mortality rate. Another has a 33% survival rate. The third is manageable but still kills many people.
-Given the most optimistic projection, you have 10 years to live.

Based on that information, answer the following questions:

1) How long would you continue your job or career? Do you love your job so much you would continue as long as possible?

2) How hard would you pursue a relationship? How important is it for you to NOT die alone?

3) Would you ever consider elective surgery (such as a cosmetic procedure) even though it's likely you will die just a few years later.

4) On the other hand, would you spend a significant chunk of your net worth on medical care just to extend your life a year or two?

5) Would you travel more or less? Would you develop a specific "bucket list" for your remaining years?

6) Would you be more likely to use illegal substances or engage in illegal activities, knowing your potential punishment is diminished by your life expectancy?*

7) What is the ONE most important thing to accomplish in your remaining years?

(*Consider yourself qualified for medical marijuana, all you can consume.)

Now I want to emphasize specifically this is not my exact personal situation. It is a combination of my circumstances combined with two others I know.

I'm in the process of writing two wills, including my own. Making end of life decisions really makes you think about some heavy stuff.

Anyway, if you respond to any of the questions please frame them in the parameters stated above.

Thanks for reading this.

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SirFWALGMan said...

Interesting post. Wish you the best.

Hard to say with certainty what you would do. Worth a blog post though!