Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Big Announcement: $5000 Bonus For Winning The "World Championship Challenge"

Buffalo66 Offers $5000 Bonus For Winning “World Championship Challenge” & Title Belt

I've decided to take a personal risk, which I hope will bring some exposure to the daily fantasy sports industry.

I'm amazed to see how DFS has grown in the past few years. There is both a growing player base and growing prize pools. Players can now win more money in a week than I could in all of 2006 or 2007.

However, there is still no direct way to determine who is the best DFS player across all sports. This is one reason why I offered the Buffalo66 Challenge in the past.

Very few people considered my challenge. For some, it just doesn't matter. For others, there was really no financial incentive to take on the challenge.

Today that changes. Out of my own pocket, I will offer a $5000 bonus for anyone who can beat me in a challenge that will recognize the winner as the world champion of DFS.

The World Championship challenge will consist of 60 heads-up DFS contests, 12 in each of the following sports:

-auto racing

Buy-ins for each contest will range from $213-$270 each. Each contest will be a draft format, preventing contestants from having any roster duplication.

As an added bonus, I will also pay out of pocket to have a championship belt crafted, which will be awarded to the winner.

In order to win the $5000 bonus, you must beat me in at least 31 of the 60 contests. Ties do not count.

I will take on anyone who will accept this challenge. However, I can only take on one challenger. If I win the challenge I would be happy to defend my title against another challenger.

If nothing else, I'm hoping that this challenge will foster discussion necessary to bring high stakes, championship quality play to DFS. Perhaps this is a first step towards getting the contest sites to offer a true championship format.

I'm looking forward to a potential match up. Good luck to all!

-John “Buffalo66” Sullivan

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