Tuesday, August 02, 2011

COO Of Draftstreet Accuses Me Of Multi-Accounting

Helluva nice birthday present. Got this email today:

Hey John,

I wanted to discuss an issue we have with your DraftStreet Account. You currently have 2 accounts at the same IP address, one of which clearly recruited the other, and only one which plays in leagues. We have made the determination that these accounts belong to the same person, and this violates both our One Account Per User policy as well as our Self Recruiting policy. I will be closing your account under Maggie Sullivan, and would ask that you not create any other aliases in the future. I appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter, and wish you the best of luck in DraftStreet leagues moving forward.

Don't hesitate to contact me should you feel we have made in error in our determination.

Michael R Kibort
Chief Operating Officer
Left Tackle LLC

Now, I did ask my sister to sign up for Draftstreet with the sole purpose of recruiting me. To my knowledge AT THE TIME we both signed up this was not a violation of any terms. Who knows, maybe the terms have changed. We also have not shared an IP address. In fact, we live hundreds of miles apart.

Here's my retort to DS:

Hi Michael,

I have no problem with you closing my sister's account, but these accounts have never showed up on the same IP address. We live hundreds of miles apart from each other. It is a false accusation you are making.

I asked her to sign up so she could recruit me, as I am a high volume fantasy player. I have similar deals with most of the contest sites, as I actively play and recruit other players, and I am even staking new players.

Without any commission I lose incentive to play on DS or any contest site for that matter.

I have NEVER violated the one account per user policy, but if I have violated some other terms than I certainly understand the actions you are taking.

Best of luck to you in your endeavors,


So what do you think? Am I wrong here? Losing out on the commissions is not a big deal to me, the bigger deal is being accused of multi-accounting when I certainly did not.

I guess I'll stick to playing elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't all the recruiting of others you do be the incentive to play and "commission" I play on DS and they pay you for your recruits. Recruiting yourself or having a non playing family member "recruit" you is abusing the system, isn't it? Especially since she didn't actually recruit you. You told her to recruit yourself. As for the IP addresses, I can't speak to that, but I do think DS was right to shut down your alternate/dormant acct. Just my two cents.

Buffalo66 said...

The question is whether or not it is a violation of terms. We had two separate accounts, two different people in different cities.

I have only ever had 1 account and only played on 1 account.

There is no rule that anyone recruiting on DS has to play contests. (BTW, she does play DFS, just hasn't played on DS.)

They are closing a loophole, but doing so in a shady manner.

If they lowered the rake and closed all commissions, I bet everyone would benefit.

Anonymous said...

If you've never logged onto her account and she's never logged onto her account for the sole purposeod transferring recruiting money then I could see why there's no reason to put a stop to it. If either of those have happened then what you are doing is far more shady than what they are doing to protect themselves and the industry, I doubt you'll find many supporters. I can understand your frustration in thinking you found a great loophole, but it seems like you also know better and realize you are probably more in the wrong. Interesting discussion though, I'm a fan of DS and their customer service so maybe I'm bias, but I'm ok with the action they took.

RotoDiem said...
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Buffalo66 said...

If Cal Spears & Cameron McMillan sign up under the rotogrinders code, and they are also owners of RG - are they not also in violation of these terms?

Will DS shut down those accounts? No.

How can I trust them going forward? If I stake a player who has signed up on my account, but I'm no longer playing contests on DS, are they going to pull this again and yank my commissions?

I'm pissed because they accused me of something I did not do, and used that as the basis to stop my commissions.