Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why the Fan Duel FFFC Isn't Worth It

Those of you that follow my fantasy exploits know I play a lot of daily (weekly) fantasy football. And if you followed me last season, you'll remember that I chose not to participate in the FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship. There were two main reasons for this:

1) I had already booked a trip to Las Vegas, the week immediately after the finals.
2) Only the top 3 finalists won anything significant. All other finalists won only $500 for beating a field of 600+.

You also might remember that I fielded scores high enough to win a finalist seat on 3 different weekends. I'm not upset about that at all. The contest had a shitty prize structure. I chose not to participate.

Fan Duel has relaunched the FFFC with much bigger prizes. They also have much bigger traffic. And I will admit their prize structure is not as bad as last year.

However, I will not try for a finals seat in the FFFC once again. Here are my reasons:

1) Once again the finals will be in Las Vegas, where the finalist must pay taxes on his/her trip.
2) You must do marketing for Fan Duel. It is an obligation that must be fulfilled to accept any prize money. And there is no specific end to your obligation - It could run on for a year or so.
3) The rake on the FFFC qualifiers will be obscene. I know they have to recoup money to pay out the finalists, but your money will be better spent elsewhere.
4) There are so many football large field tournaments on Fan Duel, it could be argued that you can actually win more that the 2011 FFFC champion (over the course of the whole season) just by concentrating on the other events.

Now I realize there will be plenty on dead money in the FFFC weekly qualifiers, but there will be the sharks too. I'd rather take them on the the capped large field events, where I know what the maximum rake will be on each entry.

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