Monday, September 19, 2011

Some Weeks Are Better Than Others

Sometimes I think life is a series of trade-offs. It's not a box of chocolates. You know what you're gonna get. You just don't know when (or how much).

Health wise, I've felt pretty crappy lately. I've really slowed down in the past year or so. While I can still get out and ride, I have to let some other things go. Perfect example: Passing up an invitation to a laser tag birthday party.

Fantasy wise, It was a shining week. I concentrated on NFL and it paid off handsomely. While I didn't win any tournaments, I placed 2nd in two, and if I'm lucky enough to hold those spots I'll post a beautiful +200% ROI for the week.

So would I trade my fantasy winnings for feeling better? I guess when I'm at my most painful I'd probably say yes.

But If I can keep making it to next week, there's always a possibility that week will be even better.

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