Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Anatomy Of A Downswing

I've been meaning to write about one of my least favorite topics this week. Losing.

Simply stated, I got my butt whipped pretty hard the first week of November. I was shut out in week 8 of football, a rarity for me.

Over that same week, I experienced a six day losing streak in hockey. It was a tough stretch. I was a little unlucky with some injuries and some bad plus/minus scenarios.

There aren't many regular fantasy players that like to talk about losing. Even after 5 years, it still stings when you ride that variance roller coaster towards the bottom.

I continued playing well within my bankroll, not chasing losses. I finally broke through with a winning night on Saturday, putting up a solid score.

One silver lining is my continued success against Rudzia555 & Ohmsy. If they hadn't shied away from my high stakes games, I might be behind there too.

However, I'm happy to report that I crushed in week 9 NFL, gaining back all of my losses for the month. Maybe this week the good variance will shine on me.

I'm hoping the addition of NCAA basketball will give me the diversity of contests needed to avoid another losing streak for some time to come.

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