Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fantasy Hockey Tournaments Are Suffering

I was thrilled with the increase in traffic for this NHL season. With the expansion of the daily fantasy player base, it was a certainty that fantasy hockey tournaments would increase over last year.

However, while NHL tournaments have increased in frequency, they have not increased in quality.

Fan Duel has rolled out a tournament schedule with a mixture of single entry and multiple entry events.

I'm disappointed to say they the buy-ins and the field sizes almost preclude me from playing them anymore.

For example, the "Save" tournament offers a $5 entry and a field size of 167. If you finish 6th, likely scoring way above expectation, you win $30. Now playing a generic $5, 10 player contest can win you $45 by finishing 1st - a much more likely scenario.

So which is the better value?

I'm sad to report that the larger tourneys are filling up with regularity, but the prize pools have not grown. The $10 buy-in remains at $2500 and the $25 buy-in remains at $3000. They did run a $50 tourney last week but I have no idea if that will become a regular event.

Fan Duel has done an excellent job of building market share by offering the biggest prize pools in each sport. But it seems with hockey they either don't care, or they are trying to steer that money into other sports, such as college hoops.

I believe that if the prizes are big enough, any sport will attract the "smart" money.

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